We started manufacturing natural soap and body care products 35 years ago. At that time, health food stores were small and natural products were not in the mainstream. Our interest in learning to make natural products was based on the simple conviction that making "natural" products was the right thing to do. 

Learning was painstakingly slow at first. Raw material suppliers had no interest in in supplying know-how on the natural authenticity of raw materials. I remember asking a large supplier whether their emulsifiers were naturally derived. I still remember the response, "Son, no one cares about those things. All anyone cares about is feel, fragrance and appearance." As a result, we only made very simple products because we had no objective information regarding the processing of many raw materials.  At this same time, health food stores never sold products containing white flour, refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol or even chocolate.  The early days of the health food movement seemed to be founded on conviction but it wasn't long before profits caused the movement to forsake most of its original standards. The natural products movement was supplanted by the natural products industry

With natural products now firmly planted in the mainstream, economic survival mandates that raw material suppliers provide objective information regarding raw materials. New brands are continually introduced but most are just marketing endeavors. It's rare to find a brand that actually formulates and makes it's own products. And it's even more rare to find someone who has been doing this for many years. Common Sense is an exception. We aren't newcomers trying to sell something with nothing behind it. We work hard to produce quality products that are useful, safe and affordable. Our sales motto is summed up in the saying, "a good product will sell itself". ​

We appreciate your support. Please enjoy using Common Sense everyday!