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About Us

We have been manufacturing natural soap and body care products for 35 years. When we began, health food stores were small and natural products were far removed from the mainstream. Our interest in natural products was based on conviction – believing it was the right thing to do – not because we saw the day when natural products would be the largest growth sector in business.

Learning how to make these products was painstakingly slow at first. There was no internet to search for information or sources. Raw material suppliers saw no need to supply know-how on the natural authenticity of raw materials. I remember asking a successful supplier whether an emulsifier was naturally derived. I still remember the response.  “Son, no one cares about those things. All anyone cares about is appearance, feel and fragrance.” For many years we only made very simple products because there was so little objective information regarding processed raw materials.

In the beginning days, health food stores never sold anything with white flour, refined sugar, caffeine or alcohol. For a few years the health food movement seemed to be founded on conviction. It wasn’t long before the allure of profits caused the movement to forsake many of its original ideals. The natural products movement was replaced by the natural products industry.

Nowadays, most suppliers provide information regarding the processing of certain raw materials. Many new brands are continually introduced but most brands are just marketing endeavors. It’s rare to find a brand that makes its own products. Common Sense is one of those exceptions.

We formulate and manufacture everything on this website. Thank you for your support and enjoy the everyday use of common sense.

There will be more products to come!